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Ode to George Sape

“An Ode to George Sape, a Truly Wise Man”

Rather than engaging
in useless worries,
it's better to down a cup
of wine.

Great sages of the past
gave the name of "sage" to wine.
How well they spoke!
“Varietal”, “appellation”, “region”
Are the only words that one should boast

Like virtuous men
of ancient times, it seems,
what I want most,
is a bottle of vintage wine
to savor, drink,
and toast.

Rather than making statements
with an air of wisdom,
it's better to down the wine
and sob drunken tears.

What is most noble,
beyond all words
and beyond all deeds,
is wine.

Rather than be half-heartedly human,
I wish I could be a jug of wine
and be soaked in it!

How ugly!
those men who,
with airs of wisdom,
refuse to drink wine.
Take a good look,
as they resemble apes.

How could even
a priceless treasure
be better than a cup
of fermented grapes?

Here in this life,
on these roads of pleasure,
it is fun to sob drunken tears.

As long as I have fun
in this life,
let me be an insect or a bird
in the next.

Since all who live
must finally die,
let's have fun
while we're still alive.

Here’s to wine!

Happy Birthday to the man who appreciates wine the most- to George!!!



GEORGE P. SAPE is a member of Epstein Becker & Green in New York office and is the firm's managing partner.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Sape developed significant expertise while working for various federal and international agencies. He served as a general attorney/public utilities specialist for the Federal Communication Commission and for the U.S. Department of State. Mr. Sape also served as the deputy director, Office of Congressional Affairs, and executive assistant to the general counsel of the EEOC; assistant counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare; and counsel for the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Labor. In the international realm, Mr. Sape served on the U.S. delegation to, and later, on the Secretariat of the Plenipotentiary Conference for the International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium (INTELSAT). He also was general counsel and vice president of Organization Resources Counselors, Inc.

Mr. Sape has lectured at several law schools, including the National Law Center at The George Washington University, Georgetown University Law Center, Wayne State University School of Law, NYU Law School and University of Colorado Law School. He also speaks frequently to various bar associations and labor-related organizations. Mr. Sape currently serves on boards of directors for various nonprofit organizations and on several planning councils involved in European-American affairs.

Happy birthday, Mr. Sape! From the entire staff of the Monaco Government Tourist Office and the Consulate General of Monaco in New York City.